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Greed and a Will

I forgot to talk about greed in yesterdays post, so here it is today. As I had mentioned last week my 97yr old aunt died. Now here is where greed kicks in.... She has two sons, one that has been takin...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by sfeastbay

The Keeper of Crows. (Crows Crossing Road)

January 3rd 4:45 pm, Crow's Crossing Road, 10 miles south of Covington near junction 38. Present Day. It had been raining for most of the day there on the road of crows, 42-year-old Jerry Lloyd...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by rantshack

Trivia Question 3215

Who is credited with having invented the Manhattan cocktail, a comination of sweet vermouth and rye whiskey...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by BrotherDocs

Our Liberal Media Outlets

I see our Liberal media outlets are working hard to smooth over the fact sensitive documents were found in an office Obama and Biden once occupied. They don't want Democrats accused of doing the...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by AmalaTsering

Time to buy more masks against the latest upsurge of covid

Yep, it is that time again. Time to get ready for another upsurge in cases of not only infections but DEATHS caused by the latest variant. The cases, and certainly, the deaths were way down for a whi...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by VickieCollins

Lesbian Ditzy Blonde In Quebec I Want To Marry You Because Straight Ontario Women Hate Me

Pascale St Onge Canadian Sport Minister - This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by wesleyonrot

The myth of the 'gay conservative'

This was posted @ yesterday (saw it this morning)... tjd Exclusive: Scott Lively explains why 'We are ALL heterosexual beings' By Scott Lively Published January 9, 2023 at 6:57pm By...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by tjdonegan

Guess Who Is Paying The MOST for the inflation They Love...?...?

First, guess: "what is the largest cause of inflation ?"... Then remember that in USA it is a tyranny of the govt in power (Dem-Commies) uber-over-spending ...and thereby diluting YOUR Dolla...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by FedUpToHere

The Star Of Stars! For her I will fly back to New York for that 50th anniversay!! Hope she brings her shiow to South Florida!! Last time I s...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by greatmartin

My Mother, Birthday Dinner and Leftovers

My mother is getting worse. My brother is looking for a nursing home. I feel terrible that I can no longer care for her. The guilt is starting to set in. My mother and I took two of her friends to din...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by MarissaG

It's nigh impossible that I'm the first to tell you this, however!

Oh, I'ma tell you in the form of a Riddle & Answer!: What do Relativity and Quantum Physics have in common? They're both rubbish. "Sure, Robert's a tw*t, but he's a geniu...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by MisterCox

Four Months!

And today is my 'monthiversary' lol. Happily the Christmas poundage came off as easily as it went on. Net weight loss for the month... only 5 lbs. It could have been better, but I'll ta...... Read More
Posted 15 days ago by maggiesnextphase

I don't even like football

I'm not a football fan by any means. I don't understand the rules. I don't know what first down means or anything like that. I do know what a touchdown is and a field goal but that'...... Read More
Posted 15 days ago by Troll2016

Republicans in the House: Still in captivity to the insurrectionist wing

Many of us were worried about how our nation would survive the 2022 elections with the insurrectionist still hold much of the former GOP captive with lies that have been easily proven, often by Repub...... Read More
Posted 15 days ago by scenefromtheleft

Garden & Quilt corner planning w/pics

Organizing is is something I have learned to love. Keepping that way is another story lol I found this beautilful little journal notebook at the $store and a pen to go with it. Its for my garden journ...... Read More
Posted 15 days ago by Zoey-Mae

A Future in Doubt

I spoke with my French half-sister recently. Isabelle and Edmond, her husband of 60 years, lived in a Parisian apartment for almost five decades until they realized in 2020 that, at their respective...... Read More
Posted 16 days ago by epiphanettes

Why Did This Happen?

Memories from decades ago fade with time. I can remember which schools I went to in my youth, but not all of the teachers or courses taken. Even the day to day routine is something of a blank, even th...... Read More
Posted 16 days ago by greyone40


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